All Natural Joint Pain Relief

Yesterday I had a class where we spoke about all natural joint pain relief and focused on supporting healthy joints. It is important when wanting to support healthy joints to look from the inside out and this is where my…


Our full bathroom remodel after having mold

Here is our full bathroom remodel after tearing everything out because of mold under the bathroom glassblock window.  If you have these glass block windows in your bathroom it is not uncommon for them to be installed improperly and cause…


Homemade after Sun Lotion

Being chemically sensitive I have had to make my own products and my homemade after sun lotion is fun to make and healthy for me. Plus, I can even wear it while in the sun and it is a fabulous…


Essential Oil Infused Water Recipes

I am including a few Essential oil infused water recipes in this post because there are so many benefits.  I have provided the links below for the Recipes and I am looking forward to hearing your feedback on the water….


Lemon Essential Oil Benefits

Lemon Essential Oil Lemon essential oils and citrus oils in general are very uplifting. Product Uses We use Lemon essential oil in our laundry when we are doing our whites it helps brighten our whites.  We add lemon essential oil…


Citronella Essential Oil for bug spray

Citronella Essential Oil Citronella Essential Oil is an amazing essential oil it can be used in a bath to de-stress. I add Citronella to my homemade bug spray recipe.  We love when we add Citronella topically it is a part…


Purification Essential Oil Uses in your home

Purification Essential Oil Uses in home Purification is another must have for our family.  If you fry foods like bacon, cook fish this is a must in your diffuser.  We just add a few drops of Purification Essential oil blend…