When choosing where I would go for Alternative Cancer Treatments I did some research based on clinical studies already conducted in the USA.  However, some of these treatments were not available to me unless I fit into the requirements for the clinical trials being offered.  Most of which included chemo, surgery, and radiation.  All of which were something I was not interested in starting at the beginning of my healing journey with breast cancer.

CMN Hospital offers a 28 day treatment plan and it is a thorough program that starts the first day you arrive.  Patients CMN Hospital Transport Vanarrive on a Monday or Wednesday and are brought in from Yuma, AZ across the border to San Luis, Mexico with the hospital van.  It is a smooth process going through the border.  You will need your passport to enter and return from Mexico.  You are permitted to bring a companion and it is recommended, the cost of the program includes food and accomodations in your private hospital room for both you and your companion.  No treatments are included for your companion only food, laundry, and sleeping arrangements.

Once you arrive at the Hospital you will be welcomed and have time to settle in for a bit.  (Not too long, lol, they get down to business right away).  I arrived on  a Monday so I will explain how my days went at CMN.  You are receiving treatments 7 days a week. .  Keep in mind this may have changed a bit since my stay.

When I arrived

When I arrived on Monday they fed both my husband and I an amazing lunch.  The food is amazing and always visually appealing and tasty.  🙂  We could not say enough about the food.  All of the food is organic, Non-GMO, Dairy and Gluten free throughout the entire hospital.

They also brought me Blue Scorpion venom and some other supplements that needed to be taken 1 hour prior to my meal.  Only a few supplements nothing compared to what I was taking at home.

Blood Ozone Therapy

Then one of my first treatments began it was Blood Ozone therapy.  They came in and took my blood and then ran it through a UV light and into a blood container that also contained ozone, then put my blood back in with the ozone mixed. Blood Ozone Therapy at CMN UV Light for Blood Ozone


As you can see I didn’t even put my purse away, they didn’t waste time in getting treatments started.  Blood ozone was done Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.  This treatment made me a little tired but nothing crazy.  Sometimes I would get a little energized by it.



Hyperbaric Chamber

I went to the Hyperbaric Chamber every day usually between 9am-10am every day.  After I got over the intial closed in hyperbaric chamber at CMN Hospitalfeeling it was a relaxing experience and my skin felt great after about a week.  I noticed my nails got healthier and overall I would feel well after leaving the hyperbaric.  My husband and I would play silly card games to pass the time.

Having PTSD from being being overdosed on Benadryl at facility in the USA my husband stayed with me throughout my treatments.  We made things fun.

There are also tv’s and they have a lot of movies you can watch while in the hyperbaric but I chose not to because there is some distortion on the glass and it kind of made me a bit dizzy trying to watch a movie while in the chamber.

I had more fun hanging out with my hubby playing cards and being silly.  We even played hangman for a week or two.  There are plenty of fun things you can do to occupy your time.  Some of the other patients slept for that hour.

I have a hard time relaxing and chose to have fun while in there.  🙂  Thanks to my supportive husband for humoring me.


Magnet Therapy

Here is a great video of the first time Magnet Therapy was performed on me at CMN Hospital.  Magnet Therapy was performed Monday through Friday by Dr. Payan. <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/LWipLo1ijhI” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””></iframe>

It was very relaxing and fascinating how it worked.  Check out the video as he explainis how it works.

Heat and Ozone Used to Kill off cancer cells

At CMN they use a Sauna with Ozone/Oxygen daily to raise body temperature to kill the cancer cells.Ozone Sauna Therapy

Laser Therapy














They also use localized Laser on organs and areas of concern for the cancer.  This also helped to relieve some of the pain I had from the tumor in my left breast.  The tumor got softer after about a week of treatments.

CMN also used this machine 30 minutes a day 7 days a week to heat the area of concern.  This was so relaxing they would put this on me at 7am and I would just sleep with it on.

IV’s Daily

IV Therapy

Every day you will receive an IV.  They alternate the IV therapy between Minerals, Vitamin C, and B17.  You receive anIV 7 days a week.   The IV Bags all have healing messages and special messages from your nurses daily.  It is a very positive experience.  Some of us got tired on the b17 but for me Trace Mineral Day is when I slept the most, lol.  🙂

Dendritric Cell Therapy

Dendritic Cell Therapy


Dendritic Cell Therapy is started on Wednesdays.  The staff will pull your blood and then they take it for the day and manipulate the dendritic cells with a medication that stimpulates the immature cells to help your immune system fight.  There are clinical trials in the US for this already but it is not approved for everyone.  In US it is done as vaccine for Her2+ breast cancer but for advanced stages you have to complete chemo and it is not approved for everyone.  You can look up Brian Czernickyi a Breast Surgeon out of Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL.  He has plenty of information on this process.  The history on Dendritic cells is fascinating.









On Thursday they give you your blood back and on Thursdays I would feel tired, sometimes a little feverish and achey.  Not too bad and that is a good sign it is doing what it needs to do.  This process is done 4 times while you are at CMN.

dendritic cell therapy

Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant

This procedure is completed after receiving your immune boosting therapies.  My Transplant was completed the Thursday prior to my departure.  They give you a twighlight to do the procedure in the operating room.

bone marrow stem cellThey take your bone marrow from your hip which is autogulous bone marrow stem cell transplant.  The procedure was painless and I just walked a lot after procedure so I did not get stiff.  This procedure is about $250,000 in the States and not approved through insurance for everyone.  This procedure is included in your treatment costs which are approximately $39,000.00.

They give you the stem cells after your procedure in your IV.  It is pretty cool I must say.









Treatments at CMN are amazing

You will also receive emotional healing,coffee enemas, amazing care, and a chance at building your immune system to fight cancer.  Dr. Payan recommended me returning home to have masectomy and I followed up on his orders and I have had to include some other treatments in my healing.  I have a very aggressive breast cancer.

The staff are amazing and I was there for Mother’s day and my birthday and they had a party for me and I got to pick what healthy food I wanted to eat for these special days.