My life changed drastically after a 4 car accident

We were traveling along highway when two cars in front of us did not see one another and entered the same lane simultaneously.  Causing the cars to spin out and the car that hit us hit the median and bounced all over the highway a few times and then came right towards us.

Our truck was totalled

 I don’t know how we got hit in so many spots but there were 4 cars involved and the other vehicle that caused accident took off.  In the car (the first car to hit us) there were like 4 children in the car and all of the car windows were blown out also.  I cannot imagine what it was like for her and those children.  All I remember is pulling on wheel to keep us from spinning back into traffic facing the wrong way.  My husband and daughter were both in the vehicle and my daughter was 8 years old at the time of the accident.  I still cannot get her screaming out of my mind.  She was terrified.  My daughter and I wound up being taken the hospital to be checked out.  Our daughter had pain in her side probably from the seat belt.  I had a dripping sensation down my eye, it felt as though it was behind my eye.  When we arrived at the hospital I was already sore.  I had a concussion and a neck injury from the car accident.  

After the car accident I had a concussion and many issues.  I had to go through many months of therapy and was still having some cognitive issues, tingling in the lips,  and pain in my neck and lower spine. I was in school to finish up my degree and had to drop my classes after the car accident.  The therapy was ongoing 3-5 times a week for a few months and there were still some concerns from the car accident.  I was sent back to the orthopedic surgeon’s office.

 The car accident was just the beginning!

A few months after the car accident I was still having cognitive issues so the Doctor ordered a follow up cat scan with and without contrast.  I had my hesitations about the contrast dye because I was already so sensitive to some chemicals and foods.  The outpatient clinic explained that in order to find issues they would really need to use the contrast.  Therefore, I wanted to do the right thing in order to rule out anything possibly life threatening.

Let the craziness begin…

After the cat scan was completed I started to sneeze and showed signs of an allergic reaction.  The tech got a little flustered and informed the radiologist.   The radiologist informed the tech to give me 25 mg of Benadryl via my iv.  She came back into the room and began to prepare the needle for my IV.  It was strange though she was flubbing around and talking to herself saying, “geez, I’m going to have to find a bigger needle”.  I felt a little uneasy but the flustered technician seemed to know what she was doing and why would I mistrust her after all she is a trained medical professional.  The tech injected the Benadryl into my IV and a short while seconds later I began feeling very poorly.  I was sitting in a chair right near the door and I remember crawling to the catscan table telling the technician I did not feel well at all.   I remember trying to make light of how I was feeling by joking with her thinking I was catscan-table reacting to the contrast.  She began getting very anxious and pacing back and forth and got the radiologist because I began dry heaving and losing control of my arms and legs. When the radiologist returned to the room and in a stern voice asked the tech, “I thought I told you to give her 25 mg of Benadryl?”  The tech exclaimed, “I did, I did!!!!”  The radiologist had her give me another injection but by this time I was in pretty bad shape and just wanted my husband that was waiting outside the building.  The technician was looking for something and then said I cannot find the stuff to give her an IV and I screamed, “it is still in my arm”.  She finally gave me the second injection of Benadryl in my iv port.   I yelled, “STOP!  Whatever you are doing it is making me worse”.  That is when the radiologist asked the tech, “What the hell did you do?”   They figured out that she gave me (2) 250 mg injections of Benadryl in my IV.

The amazing part of all of this is that look at the difference in the syringes that should have been used to administer the Benadryl (diphenhydramine) into my IV.    


This is what I should have received

50ml-syringe-francine-brown-dot-comThis is what I received instead.

Feeling alone and scared..

I thought there was a lot of chaos already, Well that was nothing.   I remember looking up at the tech and asking her what she did to me.  I deteriorated quickly my arms and legs started flailing everywhere, I couldn’t stop dry heaving, I felt very thirsty and felt all dried out on my insides.  I just wanted to get out of this place if I could have I would have crawled out on my own.

All I wanted was my husband and they wouldn’t get him.  It seemed like forever but the ambulance finally arrived and as I am getting wheeled out my husband and daughter were holding the door for the ambulance, not realizing that it was me that was getting wheeled out of the outpatient clinic.  I tried to hide the symptoms from my daughter because I could see the scared look on her face.  It made me cry and worry about my future seeing the concerned and scared looks on their faces.  The rescue workers let them both know where I was going.  I requested a hospital because my brother in law worked there.

Finally the ambulance arrived..



While in the ambulance the rescue workers were fabulous they tried to keep me calm as the Benadryl had made me very anxious.  My blood pressure and heart rate were very high and I could not stop strange movements in my face, arms, and legs.  We arrived at the hospital and I don’t remember a lot except seeing my husband and daughter waiting for me at the emergency room entrance.  I was wheeled into the emergency room.



Finally arrived at hospital

benadryl-overdose-francine-brown-dot-comAs I arrived into emergency room I remember a nurse in the Emergency room that was particularly caring with me and kept me calm and made me feel safe.  It felt so much better being out of the outpatient clinic.  The doctors came in and were wonderful and they worked with poison control and the outpatient clinic was helpful in communicating everything to poison control and the emergency room which was very helpful.

My arms and legs were flying all over the place and I began hallucinating I don’t remember much except my family being there with me and that comforting nurse. They tucked me in tight because I didn’t want my young daughter seeing me have no control over my arms and legs.  It was bad enough I was telling her and my husband that we needed an autopsy on our patio and kitchen.  Benadryl can be a hallucinogen and I found out later that teenagers overdose on the over the counter Benadryl to get high.  I can honestly tell you that this was not fun and I was very nervous.   I was sent to Critical care after the emergency room stabilized me and I was in hospital for 5 days.

I was released from hospital and I was still out of it I began having panic attacks my last night in hospital and was still unable to walk on my own.   My husband got me out of bed and obtained a walker to try and get me moving.  As I stood my heart would race and my feet felt very heavy it felt like the bottoms of my feet weight like 200lbs.

I’m home but it’s not good..

I wish I could say that this improved when I returned home.  It was a rough road and I continued to be in and out of hospitals to only hear that it was in my head and that there was no known medical explanation for what I was experiencing.  After my last hospitalization I realized I was not going to get the help I needed and that I needed to take control of my own health.  I began trying to read even though this would wear me out but I had to find answers or I was going to die.  I have a wonderful homeopath, Dr. Flink that used light technology and did what he could to keep me comfortable he inquired with people he trained with and truly cared.  He and his wife, Dr. Pam Flink worked so hard for me and truly cared about my well being.  It made me feel not so alone with all of this.  Dr. Flink’s mentor mentioned Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).   drs-flink-dot-comAs I was being admitted and discharged from hospitals we did additional research and found some specialists and started looking into CFS.

I lost about 65lbs in six weeks and stopped tolerating my thyroid medicine. I began showing symptoms of Addisons Disease (an adrenal deficiency disease).  I found an endocrinologist that noticed the bruising on my feet, weight loss and gave me hydro-cortisone to see if this would alleviate my symptoms.   It helped a little and bought me time until I could get into a Doctor that treated CFS (Chronic Fatigue Sydnrome)  sufferers this was mentioned to me by my homeopath that I am forever grateful to, he stood by my side and helped support me through it all.   The hydrocortisone allowed me to tolerate noises a little better and I could walk across the floor a lot better and could stand for longer periods of time (5 minutes vs 30 seconds).

Finally some help…

The day finally arrived when I could see the CFS specialist.  When I arrived in Dr. Klimas’s office she was not surprised by my condition and let me know that she sees this every day.   I was surprised by this as so many Doctors and specialists just made me feel like I was crazy.  Dr. Klimas explained that the chemical exposure is the likely cause and she saw this a lot with Gulf War veterans after their chemical exposures.  I thought this was great news.  Now, I am finally going to get better, right? Dr. Klimas told me that I needed to get fluids to chronic-fatigue-syndrome-dr-klimaskeep my blood volume up because that is what the redness and heaviness in my feet was from because the blood would pool to my feet and my heart would race to try and pump the blood back to the heart and brain.  This was all very exciting and scary because the office was filled with patients that could not work, had no energy, and looked horrible.  Then a few patients would walk in that looked better and they said their symptoms improved after coming to her office.  So for the first time in about 8 months I am hopeful that we will get some answers.   So I felt supported by another practitioner and my homeopath this is GREAT NEWS!

I knew I had to get my thyroid medication back into my body so I began researching ways to do this. Knowing now I did not have Addisons Disease.  (This was many more specialists looking dumb founded and not sure what was going on) I needed to try and wean off of the hydrocortisone but at same time increase my thyroid medication back to my optimal dose without vomiting and feeling ill.  I used the T3CM protocol to do this using Nature-Throid and my own circadian rhythm.  I will write a post about this protocol at a later time.

More to come….

I will create additional posts to explain all the other things I had to do to regain some quality of life.  I don’t want anyone to endure the sickness I experienced.  I was truly blessed to have a caring husband and family that stood by me through every step of the way.  I am here for all of you if anything I did can help you then that will get you one step closer to improving your life.

Definitely read up on what I will write about essential oils and mold and how they have supported  and effected my wellness journey.  Let’s not forget about lumber liquidators