The process is quite easy.

Follow the process in the video below to sign up.

Then,  click HERE and my Member Number should automatically populate in both the sponsor and enroller area.  If my member number doesn’t automatically populate you just need to enter 2711848 in both the enroller and the sponsor sections.  🙂

When you go to SIGN UP PAGE  you will select the starter kit you want to order, the essential oil kits are your best value and best way to get started.  If you want to see the different essential oil kits go HERE

You will be asked to enter in your personal information along with your Social Security number, Young Living requires this because you have the ability to earn money if you choose to do this as a business.  You will will receive a 1099 after earning $600.00 in commission.  However, 94% of our members don’t do the business they are members to receive the discount.  🙂

I look forward to having you a part of our oily group.  🙂   We have support groups where we share recipes, etc and there are virtual classes available to show you how to make things with your essential oils if you like to make your own products like me.  🙂

It is a fun journey and I look forward to supporting you through your wellness journey.  🙂