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About Alternative Cancer Treatments at CMN Hospital

When choosing where I would go for Alternative Cancer Treatments I did some research based on clinical studies already conducted in the USA.  However, some of these treatments were not available to me unless I fit into the requirements for the clinical trials being offered.  Most of which included chemo, surgery, and radiation.  All of which were something I was not interested in starting at the beginning of my healing journey with breast cancer.  

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I had the signs and symptoms of breast cancer but it was missed

Signs/symptoms-breast cancer Let me start from the beginning.   In February of 2016 I went to the Doctor to follow up on what I thought was an injury.  I had a lump on my left side above my chest.  I thought it was from a strain. I was referred to an orthopedic and he took xray and then came in with concern on his face.  He looked at me and expressed that I should get tested for bartonella and look into breast cancer. Thankfully, my husband happened to be with me for this appointment and of course I left...

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7 Best Essential Oil Blends to support overall wellness

My favorite essential oil blend recipes These are 7 of my best essential blends I use to support overall wellness. Roller ball blends with 11 essential oils from kit My favorite homemade blends Essential oil blends are meant to support and let me tell you we always are certain to support my hubby during the change in seasons.  I actually call this one our Quarterly support because with new quarters come new goals, commitments, and challenges, too. This is our favorite blend that we created here is recipe… 🙂 Quarterly Support 5 drops of Thieves 5 drops Lavender 5 drops...

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