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Homemade Room Spray Recipes for Winter

WHY SHOULD YOU MAKE  HOMEMADE ROOM SPRAY So many of the home deodorizer/fragrance sprays that are on the market today are toxic.  I would imagine if you knew how toxic these fragrances were you would not want to continually expose your family to these toxins. The fragrances in these room deodorizer sprays are made in a lab and have toluene in them.  Toluene is a petrochemical that is neurotoxic. Chemicals that are neuro-toxic can damage neurotransmitters in your brain.  Neurotransmitters tell our hearts to beat, they regulate sleep,  and digestion.  OUR WORLD TODAY IS TOXIC! LET’S CONTROL THE TOXINS WE...

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7 Best Essential Oil Blends to support overall wellness

My favorite essential oil blend recipes These are 7 of my best essential blends I use to support overall wellness. Roller ball blends with 11 essential oils from kit My favorite homemade blends Essential oil blends are meant to support and let me tell you we always are certain to support my hubby during the change in seasons.  I actually call this one our Quarterly support because with new quarters come new goals, commitments, and challenges, too. This is our favorite blend that we created here is recipe… 🙂 Quarterly Support 5 drops of Thieves 5 drops Lavender 5 drops...

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Natural Joint Support with Essential oils

If you are like many you may be experiencing occasional joint pain and are looking for a  natural joint pain relief.   A lot of over the counter medicines may be masking some issues with the joint pain.  It may be time to support your joints naturally and get down to the cause. I’m sure after reading many of my blogs you know that I always think you need to look at what is causing the inflammation in your body to cause that joint discomfort.  I have already written a post with some great information.  Click Here Let’s get...

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Why Dilute Essential oils prior to applying to your skin?

Why dilute essential oils prior to applying to our skin?  Diluting essential oils with a carrier oil ensures that the skin doesn’t get irritated by “hot” (warm sensation when applied to skin).  Diluting the essential oils with a carrier doesn’t actually dilute the effects of the oil it helps you as the consumer use less essential oils so you are not wasting your precious oils.  🙂 What is a hot oil?   A hot oil will create a warm sensation when you apply it to your skin, it isn’t actually like boiling hot or an oil you heat up....

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Homemade after Sun Lotion

Being chemically sensitive I have had to make my own products and my homemade after sun lotion is fun to make and healthy for me. Plus, I can even wear it while in the sun and it is a fabulous blend of essential oils and carrier oils.  I like to eat my sun lotion (lol, I don’t really) When I make things for my body I try and use items that I can eat, too.  Why, you ask?  Think about it skin is our largest organ it is our first line of defense for our internal organs.  So many...

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