I have to start off saying you may be thinking like I was in the beginning.

A coffee enema, what?  Oh, my this is nuts.

I read a lot about them years ago after I received a medication error from a medical facility.

Where did coffee enemas originate

The coffee enemas have been used since the 1930’s with Max Gerson and Alternative Cancer treatment.  Gerson had a very interesting approach to alternative cancer treatment.

Gerson found that many patients succumbed  to liver failure.  Gerson started to introduce the coffee enemas to cleanse the liver.

As with any healing process or where the body is overburdened with toxins the liver is unable to flush the toxins.

Once Gerson started the coffee enemas on his patients he started to see a higher success rate.  If you are interested in learning more about Gerson you can read a book on the protocol here.

I just wanted to give you a brief history of the coffee enema.

Why do I love them?

Well, I have to say I didn’t love them in the beginning and I didn’t want to do them.

They were a part of a 28 day Alternative/Integrative Cancer Treatment I had at CMN Hospital for Breast Cancer.

I was not looking forward to this part of the treatment.  But, after a few days and getting used to the process it was a very cleansing feeling.

It’s hard to explain but when I am detoxing or overloaded with toxins I feel like a ran a marathon and I have a lot of trouble concentrating or focusing.  After my second or third coffee enema in Mexico I started to feel more clear headed.

Since returning home from Mexico I am still doing daily coffee enemas.  When I am unable to do the coffee enema I get very sluggish and that feeling of toxicity returns.

Other symptoms of a sluggish/congested liver

Not, all of us have the same symptoms when our livers our sluggish.

Here are some other symptoms:

  1. bad breath
  2. gas
  3. headaches
  4. swollen ankles
  5. irritability/anger

Now, these are just a few other symptoms.

So now lets get to the fun part how do you do a coffee enema.

Things you will need.

  • Coffee– You want a clean organic coffee (no mold, mycotoxins) This is the one I used at  CMN Hospital.
  • Enema bucket– I like the stainless one it is easy to keep clean, and you can throw it in the dishwasher to keep it clean.  This one is nice it comes in a bag to store it in and includes the supplies you need.  You will need additional tubing because you want to be sanitary.  You can change tubing weekly.
  • Distilled Water-  32 oz. You can get this in any grocery store.  If you don’t have any distilled water you can boil tap water for 10-15 minutes and it will remove minerals etc and you can use that for your enema.
  • Something to hang your enema bucket from– Most people lay on bathroom floor and hang from door knob.  We don’t have a door knob on a pocket door in bathroom so I bought this.  It is so cool and it’s decorative.  All I do with this is slide the cloth hanger the slide on the frame it works great.
  • Protective Enema Sheet–  This thing is the bomb. You put it under you and sometimes you will have a little coffee come out when you remove tube so this makes things so clean and you just wash it in your washer.  Less waste.  I was using bed wee wee pad protectors but they are like 15.00 for 10.
  • Coconut oil, Avocado oil- You will use this for lubrication on the tip to insert for your enema.


Take 2 Tbsp of the Coffee and add to 32 oz of Distilled water.  You will boil the coffee in saucepan for 5 minutes with the coffee floating in it.  After it has boiled for 5 minutes turn off burner and cover and let the coffee sit. After about 10-15 minutes I crack the lid and move the coffee from the hot burner to let the coffee cool. I cool it to room temperature.

I test the coffee temperature on my wrist just like you do with a bottle of milk for a baby.

Then once cooled you will add the coffee to your enema bucket. (Make sure you have the tubing closed or it will pour out onto the floor, lol speaking from experience)

Hang your enema bucket from your door knob or cool picture hanger.

Pull your knees up into fetal position while laying on your right side



I loved this photo I had to use this… 🙂




While laying in fetal position you will place the tube tip. In the kit I have listed above it comes with a tip that has a handle at the top.  You will only insert to that little ridge on the tip.  It’s only about 3 inches.

You only insert to that blue tip that you can see in this picture. The other end of tubing gets attached to the stainless steel bucket.  Again, these you want to change once a week.

When inserting there should be no discomfort at all.  You may need to adjust until it slides in.

Once you have inserted you will unclamp the clasp attached to the tubing.  The clamp keeps coffee from flowing out before you are ready.  So unclasp and slowly let the coffee flow.  (tip: don’t hang the enema bucket higher than 24 inches, mine hangs about 22inches.  You don’t want it flowing too fast.

I split the 32 oz in two separate enemas I just stop the enema flow once I am feeling a bit full.  Then I have Alexa set my 20 minute timer and hold the enema.  If you have a real urge to go please go evacuate.  You may need to work up to the 20 minute range.

I like to split them up because I found trying to hold the entire 32 oz I couldn’t hold as long.

They are awesome and I look forward to your feedback.

What interested you about the coffee enemas?

Other ways I support my liver and detoxing

Castor Oil Packs

Detox baths

Beet juice