Alright so now we have fixed the issue in our house, we received the Monster 110 machine, now we have to use the machine to decontaminate our stuff from the house.  Keep in mind when you are in a moldy environment even if you move out of moldy home you will recontaminate new place in 6 weeks.  Mold spores are resilient and will do everything to survive.  Then when you kill mold, mycotoxins are released into air this is because mold wants to survive.  You cannot kill mycotoxins they are not living.  However, this machine has been tested and has shown proof of decreasing mycotoxin levels by 99.98 percent.  Crazy, huh?   But, it’s so important to clean everything.  I still had to throw out my clothes, ( I didn’t have many because I had lost sooooo much weight (65lbs in six weeks)  after being overdosed by the medical facility.  We were able to save my husband and daughter’s clothes and 1/2 of the stuff that we didn’t already throw out from the beginning of all of this mold stuff.

Decontaminating our things from mold

decontaminate-from-mold-francine-brown-dot-comSo this is what we did.  Ammonia is said to denature the mycotoxins etc.  So we wiped all walls down with 50/50 ammonia water and any other hard surfaces.  We Hepa Vacuumed everything but I have to say I still felt like I would get sick around vacuum when vacuuming with Hepa.  What I use now is this vacuum it is all contained and I get no kick back smells coming from vacuum and my hubby can take container outside and empty and we spray down with Ammonia/Water.   For the things that were in drawers and in our garage when I thought we were losing everything I set up a decontamination room in ground zer0 this was our master bedroom where we had mold in our master bath).

Organizing Stuff so machine could clean better

Because, I was so reactive I had to just throw everything into the room and I put it in front of machine where the air decontaminate-from-mold-francine-brown-dot-comfrom the 110  was blowing.  I figured, hey the 110 worked on my air why not my belongings right?  I would put my mask on and go in and move things around and stir it all up like cooking stew, lol.  Well, you know I love to cook, it’s the best way I could explain it.

Then my wonderful hubby took PVC and attached it across the wall and we made a closet bar. Then I hung the clothes up to get everything separated and allow the 110 machine to do it’s magic.  We left these items in the decontamination room (AKA my master bedroom) for about 4 weeks.   We slowly started to put things away, yes we could put them away, WOOHOO!  But, prior to putting them away I still wiped everything down with Ammonia and when it came to the clothes I washed them in Ammonia once and then Borax and rewashed probably six times.  The cleaning part is so important in this process of cleaning the mold and mycotoxins etc.  You just can’t expect to plug in a machine and have it get everywhere without any effort on your part.  So, I was not risking anything I was so sick.  I wanted us to stay in our home and didn’t want to lose everything we had worked for during our 13 years of marriage.  Granted, it’s just stuff but still these were our clothes and the things we sat in and on in our house, lol.  🙂

Making Progress…

We slowlydecontaminate-from-mold-francine-brown-dot-com decontaminate-from-mold-francine-brown-dot-com started to put those things away and it was so great to start seeing things empty out of our master bedroom.  It was an awesome feeling that we were able to save my hubby and daughter’s clothes.  Plus, the rest of our belongings.  Patience was super important throughout this process but as we moved through these steps we were seeing improvements in our health and moods.  We were getting super excited because it was becoming realistic to us that we were going to be ok and would be able to stay in our home.  We love our little house. 🙂

We now know that we are going to be ok so now it’s time to put the bathroom back together remember it was gutted?  Ahhh lol  Check Here for my Next Post where we start putting our bathroom back together from that moldy glass block window that was never installed properly.