Why dilute essential oils prior to applying to our skin?  Diluting essential oils with a carrier oil ensures that the skin doesn’t get irritated by “hot” (warm sensation when applied to skin).  Diluting the essential oils with a carrier doesn’t actually dilute the effects of the oil it helps you as the consumer use less essential oils so you are not wasting your precious oils.  🙂

What is a hot oil?  

A hot oil will create a warm sensation when you apply it to your skin, it isn’t actually like boiling hot or an oil you heat up.  An example of a hot oil is Thieves it has cinnamon and clove in the blend so this should be applied with a carrier oil.  Hmm, I have a story for you… 

I was trying different essential oils as a deodorant trying to avoid the many toxic deodorants on the market today.  I wanted to make good choices and I was using Purification without a problem on my underarms. So one day I get out of shower with clean shaven under arms and I get this bright idea that I am going to try Thieves in my freshly shaven pits.  Ok, well let me tell you, my arm pits were on fire lol I was shaking my arms up and down and blowing under my arm to try and cool it off.  Learn from me even though Thieves smells amazing you don’t want to put it neat (without a carrier oil, straight on skin) on freshly shaven under arms.  (he,he)  I can laugh now but I felt quite silly, lol.

Other examples of hot oils are Thyme, Exodus II, Lemongrass, and Oregano.  It is recommended you use a carrier oil with these essential oils.

Carrier oil?  What are you talking about… 

I prefer to use edible carrier oils because like you always here me say at class skin is our largest organ.  So whatever we are putting our skin goes into our bloodstream.  Some of my favorite food grade carrier oils are unrefined coconut oil, olive oil, macademia oil, and almond oil.  Non-Food grade carrier oils are jojoba and shea butter.

Please note:  When using the extra virgin olive oil you can use the dark one too but it will have a very olive oil smell to it.  If you utilize the light extra virgin olive oil you will not experience te strong smell of the dark olive oil.  

Carrier oils can be a bit messy if you don’t have roller balls to mix your own blends.   I love these carrier sticks you can carry them in your purse or leave them in your car or at your desk at work.  They are so convenient.


Can I dilute my essential oils with water?  

When you are applying to skin for a therapeutic benefit I dont’ suggest it. You will find on some sites they suggest you dilute your essential oils with water.  However, if you get the essential oils in your eye DO NOT use water it will increase the intesity of the essential oil on your eye/skin.  So grab a carrier oil you have on hand and rub that on your eye and the burning in your eye or on your skin will decrease.

I don’t want to confuse you  when speaking about diluting essential oils with water.   You can use a indigestible essential oils and add some honey and add 1 drop of essential oil to an eight ounce glass of water.  Here are some recipes for essential oil infused water.  This is different from applying to your skin or if you were to get an essential oil in your eye.

Special note:  There are sprays etc that you can make that will you will use water for but that is different from applying to your skin or getting essential oils in your eye accidently.  Here is a bug spray recipe.

If you are looking to learn more about essential oil quality you can view my post HERE


Are you looking for additional support with essential oils.  

These are some of my favorite recipes with essential oils and a guide on how I use essential oils.  

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