Are-there-essential-oils-that-have-the-best-quality-francine-brown-dot-com Being chemically sensitive I had to ask myself, “Are there essential oils that have the best quality?”  I’m sure you are asking why, right?  Well, I started to react to many household cleaners, laundry soaps that I have always used, perfumes, and many other items that were in my home prior to medication dosage error (from a facility) that I had no problem with before. If you haven’t read my story you can HERE  I had to find something I could use to clean my home and that I would not react to.  I heard essential oils were great for this.

always used Eucalyptus essential oil before and I would purchase a rather large bottle on Amazon and would burn it in my oil burner.  Well, let me tell you I used to love this essential oil and now I cannot tolerate, why?  How am I going to clean my home and be somewhat normal if I react to even an essential oil?

Are all essential oils of the same quality…..

Are-there-essential-oils-that-have-the-best-quality-francine-brown-dot-comSo, I figured well this is another item I can no longer enjoy. Oh well…  Then I was invited by a friend about a year later to a class on essential oils.  The class started with the educator inviting us all to add a drop of lavender onto our wrists to support relaxation.  I was like.. yeah..right.. lol..  It was 6:00pm this is when I start waking up and having energy.  I knew this was not going to support relaxation for me.  After about 45 minutes I realized that I was sitting back in this comfy couch, relaxed.  (Yes, I have to admit I was wrong, lol)  So it made me start to think that maybe there was something to essential oils besides just smelling nice.  Another thing I noticed is I did not react and we smelled a few essential oils by this point.  I learned  a lot about this company’s essential oils and their quality and testing standards.  I was impressed.  They have their own farm’s and distilleries, too.  This truly aligned with my family and how we purchase our food, it is important for us to receive quality foods grown on fertile soil, grass fed, and organic.   I was just so happy that I could smell eucalyptus and not react.  So, why did I react to this other essential oil and not this one? Well…

It turns out that all essential oils are not created equal!

Are-there-essential-oils-that-have-the-best-quality-francine-brown-dot-comEssential oils are not regulated and in order for a company to put 100% pure essential oil on the bottle they only have to have 5% of the actual essential oil in the bottle.  They do not have to list other ingredients on the bottle.  So, many of the store bought essential oils are adulterated with synthetic fragrance (toxic) and other harmful chemicals.  A good example is Lavender they typically put dipropylene glycol in Lavender to thicken the essential oil. This chemical is also in a lot of our household products, too.  (Not good!) Why… can’t these companies just leave our products alone.  I would rather pay a little more for something that is pure and know it is good for me than spend less and be harming my family and pets with harmful chemicals in my home. So, now I know what was going on with the Eucalyptus oil I bought, it contained unlisted items in it’s ingredients that caused a reaction. Ughhh, do you ever just get tired of these companies caring more about profits than us?

Why is having quality important

Are-there-essential-oils-that-have-the-best-quality-francine-brown-dot-comI’m sure by now you have seen statements like there’s an oil for that … Well, when essential oils are grown under the right conditions, cultivated property, and appropriately distilled the essential oil will contain constituents that are powerful to support wellness.  However, if these essential oils are not tested, grown properly, and distilled at correct temperatures and process the essential oil will be lacking key constituents that make the essential oil so awesome.  So, I am so happy to have found a company that cares about all of the same things I do.  They care so much that there are times where products go out of stock but if an essential oil does not pass testing (they test each batch) it will be pulled for lacking the constituents and quality they require.  It can be frustrating to have your favorite product go out of stock.  However, it makes me smile because I know they put quality ahead of profits.  That is important to me.  For more information on the therapeutic grade Essential Oils I love go here.