Here is our full bathroom remodel after tearing everything out because of mold under the bathroom glassfull-bathroom-remodel-francine-brown-dot-comblock window.  If you have these glass block windows in your bathroom it is not uncommon for them to be installed improperly and cause unknown leaks.  For us, it was beneath the tub so when water would come in we wouldn’t know because it was under the tub.  Here is photo of that area before we installed new windows.  Most of windows in our house had broken parts or didn’t open anymore so we needed to replace the windows.


When we replaced the windows we found full dry rot under the glass block window in our master bathroom and my husband had to rebuild that area.  He repaired it from the outside so the window installers could continue installing the window for our master bath.   If you look closely  do you see the whitefull-bathroom-remodel-francine-brown-dot-com area at bottom that is our corner tub.  What was happening was the water was coming in through bottom of glass block area.  The area that was damaged was where you see the wood studs now.  That area was all shredded and I don’t know how the glass block was still being held up by that rotted wood.  We were grateful we found out about this because we never would have found it if we didn’t re-do the windows.


So, now we are going to have to gut the bathroom because when they exposed the mold by pulling glass block window the spores spread through our home.  You can read our story here.  Now, we had to rip everything to the studs and be certain there wasn’t any mold or rot anywhere else in master bathroom.  I have already documented this process in this post if you want to check out what we did.

It was finally time to fully renovate our master bathroom.  We figured out what we wanted to do with our small space and still keep my bathtub ( I have to take frequent detox baths)  and increase the size of our shower.  When they built the house they put shower so close the toilet we had to actually step out and around toilet when leaving shower.  It was annoying, lol!  So, we have our plan check out what we did.


As you can see in photos at top of this collage we had to move the plumbing for the shower.  I have to admit I was pretty scared to do this and thought it was going to be horrible.  It wasn’t bad at all, just make sure you get someone very reputable to do this for you.  We had the drain and pipes relocated professionally.  The good news was that our slab was much thicker than it needed to be and is great shape.  YAY!  So after the drain and pipes were relocated my husband had to install the tub because he had to build the deck in order for the shower pan to be built.  It was cool to see how it needs to be done. My husband had to put concrete under tub to set it properly and you have to make sure it is level, pretty cool to see how this is done.

As you can see what we chose to do is go with a 6 foot tub instead of the corner tub.  I am 6′ tall so that corner tub wasn’t that great, lol.  We took some of space for the double vanity to do this and then by taking corner tub out we were able to expand shower, too.

Progress is being made… woohoo


It was getting very exciting to see the walls up and lighting installed.  This has been a super long process and we wanted to be certain to use the correct materials so we didn’t have to worry about mold growth and hidden leaks.  I don’t ever want to have to go through this stuff again.  So as you can see we used the concrete board on the wet areas and then the green board in the damp areas of the bathroom.  At this point I am just really wanting our bathroom back and get some normalcy back in our lives.

Check out this progress.. Soooo Exciting


Let me tell you I am and was soooo stoked to have our bathroom finished.  My hubby even put a television in so I could watch my recorded shows while I have my detox bath.  We truly used all of the small space we had to make it our own and utilize the space for our needs.  If there is one thing I could take from all of this is that appreciate the things you have and make them your own.  I love our little house and we don’t need more space we just needed to make this space work for us.

I know you are probably thinking, thank goodness they got their house back together after the mold now they can relax..  Well,  let me tell you I wish it was that easy.  Check out my vlog about what happened next.  🙁  Toxic Flooring? Thanks Lumber Liquidators!