Being chemically sensitive I have had to make my own products and my homemade after sun lotion is fun to make and healthy for me. Plus, I can even wear it while in the sun and it is a fabulous blend of essential oils and carrier oils.  I like to eat my sun lotion (lol, I don’t really)

When I make things for my body I try and use items that I can eat, too.  Why, you ask?  Think about it skin is our largest organ it is our first line of defense for our internal organs.  So many products on the market today carry chemical that actually break down our skin’s protective barrier.  Sunscreens are typically made with oxybenzone and this chemical is neurotoxic and a hormone disruptor.  Recently Danish researchers reported that eight of 13 chemical sunscreen ingredients allowed in the U.S. affected calcium signaling of male sperm cells in laboratory tests, which the researchers suggest could reduce male fertility (Endocrine Society 2016).  Do you notice it said allowed in U.S.  it is kind of sad that these chemicals are permitted in our products and foods even though they are harmful to our families.


You will hear me say this often let’s control the things we can so we can worry less about the things we cannot control.  

What do I mean by that?  Not all products are toxic and you can make some great homemade products that are practically edible and safe for children and pets.  (I’m not saying all ingredients are edible, lol, but we can do our best) Trust me, there are some products I don’t make I just buy them that is why my recipes are easy to do.  If it involves too much time or following directions I won’t do it, lol.

Here is my recipe I have tried so many online and they just didn’t do the trick for me.  I love the moisturization I get from my recipe, too.  🙂  Remember that we need the sun for vitamin d and why not wear some yummy homemade after sun lotion to help absorb that vitamin d our bodies need.

Homemade After Sun Spray Recipe

3 oz Cobalt glass spray bottle   (when using essential oils you want to use glass)

10 drops of Therapeutic grade carrot seed oil (very earthy smelling)

Coconut oil

1/4 tsp of aloe vera gel

1/4 tsp of Sesame seed oil

1/4 tsp of Avocado oil 

3/4 Tbsp Shea butter (if you get the unrefined shea butter you will need to melt t down in double boiler at low heat to melt it down)

10 drops of Raspberry Oil 


Open your 3 oz spray bottle , and put the Shea butter, Avocado oil, sesame oil, and aloe vera gel into the bottom of your spray bottle, then add the Raspberry oil, and carrot seed oil, it is best to add your other oils then essential oils to mix. Then you will fill your bottle the rest of the way up with Coconut oil.  Shake well whenever you use and if you don’t like the smell it can be a little earthy you can add 5 drops of Lavender essential oil or Peppermint essential oil they both have a cooling effect on your skin.  Love them both!  Don’t use citrus essential oils if you are applying to be outside because citrus oils are photosensitive.

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