How do you use essential oils properly


If you haven’t incorporated the health blessing that is essential oil into your life yet, your health and happiness are missing out. Essential oils are one of the most wonderful things known to man. Don’t believe me? Give them a try and you’ll be amazed at how rejuvenated essential oils can make you feel, and how many benefits they can afford your life.


Essential oils are natural oils derived from plants, stems and botanicals. When you integrate these oils into your life, you’re getting a gift directly from Mother Nature. There are a wide variety of essential oils and essential oil blends, too many to name in this blog post. Though, you can check out some of my favorite oils here.


Understanding how to use essential oils is simple. There are three ways: diffuse, ingest and apply topically.




Diffusing them is one of my favorite ways (okay, they’re all my favorite ways) to utilize oils. You want to be certain that the diffuser that you purchase is free of bpa and petrochemicals because citrus essential oils are natural petrochemical detoxifiers.  When you add these oils to a plastic diffuser made with petrochemicals you are risking diffusing and breaking down those petrochemicals into your air.   The directions will depend on your diffuser, but typically you’ll put five or so drops of your favorite essential oil in the diffuser. Some of my favorites to diffuse are frankincense, or a blend of lavender and peppermint. Experiment to find your favorite.

You can also just place a drop of essential oil in your hands and cup them and breathe slowly into your hands.  I use this approach a lot with teens in the house, lol.  🙂


Ingesting Essential Oils

You can also ingest them by including them in your cooking, smoothies, juices, water, or even taken in a capsule. I love incorporating lemon oil in my water, and oregano and basil oils in my veggie dips. In fact, you can substitute any dried herbs with essential oils. It only takes two-three drops when cooking and one drop in a smoothie or juice. Start with one drop.  Please remember not all essential oils are made to be ingested.  My family uses these essential oils made specifically for ingesting and cooking.   Love them!  Check them out here.   The entire vitality line is made for cooking and ingesting.  How cool is that?   woohoo!


The options are endless for how to consume delicious essential oils, though it’s a good idea to dilute your oils before cooking. To do this, add a drop of essential oil into one teaspoon of honey, olive oil, or any cooking oil. If you’re adding oils to a smoothie, dispel the oil directly in your milk or coconut oil before mixing.



In addition to diffusing and ingesting oils, you can also apply oils topically in places like your wrist, the nape of your neck, under your armpits and on the bottom of your feet. To do this, you’ll mix a carrier oil such as almond, coconut, grapeseed, or evening primrose oil with your essential oils. You can also mix essential oils into your homemade face cream and moisturizers. To learn how to create DIY face cream using essential oils, click here.


One of my favorite blends to boost my mood when I’m cranky is frankincense, peppermint and wild orange. Breathing this blend in will make you feel like you’re walking under sunshine and rainbows. It will also give you a natural boost of vitality. I also enjoy rubbing frankincense on my temples to boost my concentration on days I’m feeling sluggish.


Be sure that when purchasing oils, choose therapeutic-grade oils that are completely free of toxins.  Here is what I recommend. Click Here