Lemon Essential Oil

lemon-essential-oil-francine-brown-dot-comLemon essential oils and citrus oils in general are very uplifting.

Product Uses

We use Lemon essential oil in our laundry when we are doing our whites it helps brighten our whites.  We add lemon essential oil to baking soda and scrub our white sinks and tubs in our home.  It smells great and is a great lightener.  Keep in mind when you are using citrus essential oils topically they can be photosensitive so I apply them under my clothes not on my face or anywhere where sun will be exposed to area.  There is also a Vitality line of essential oils that you can digest and add to your favorite cooking recipes.

I have a great bug spray recipe where I use lemon essential oil check it out HERE

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Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

The Benefits of Lemon essential oil

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