So the past month has been rather strange.  I have felt rather odd but this flu season has been brutal, too.  I explain more in my video below about what was happening with my lymphatic system and weird symptoms I experienced.


It is so fascinating how about has so many parts to it that are there to help protect us. If you want to learn more about lymph massage you should watch this gal’s video.  Start at the top of your body and work your way down to the lower extremities.    You can learn self care by watching this gal’s video.  If you are feeling sluggish and achy in the morning it may be your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system helps filter out all the trash and if it is backed up you are not going to get the junk out.  So lymphatic massage/self care is a great way to get things moving.  Along with rebounding on an in home mini trampoline.

Follow up is key

It’s also important to get things checked out and follow up with your medical professional prior to doing any type of lymphatic drainage.  Something else I definitely learned from all of this is stay on top of your breast exams and I am going to be certain to do my thermography every 6 months to get my lymphatic system checked again.

The thermograph showed some things that may have possibly of devoloping so I am back on high doses of iodine to counter the bromide and fluoride in my system.  I am also taking DIM and a product called FemiGen to help my body break down the bad estrogen in my body. The Femigen helps with my occasional moodiness.  (my husband may not say occasionally, lol)

I got kind of lax on my supplement taking and now I am paying for it. I will do a follow up once I know more of what is going on but for now I will be skin brushing and doing lymph self care. Stay on top of your self care it is so important in your journey to support wellness.  We only get one body and we need to treat it with respect.