Maintaining a healthy digestion system is a challenge with the crazy busy schedules we have these days.  The last few months I have had a lot going on and often that leads to a stressed me. This means my digestion can get wonky. I know what you might be thinking – that I’ve been living this lifestyle for so long, and I have this all figured out – but I am human too. In my practice, I teach people how to listen to their body and what to do when they feel wonky too.

Feeling like your digestion is making too much noise? Gurgle. Gurgle.For me, I get dry skin and start to have belly bloat. So many of my clients say they have belly bloat even when they do not eat, something that is actually not uncommon for people with digestive issues.


Stress inflames the intestinal lining and disrupts the good balance of bacteria in the gut. 

I have another post on stress here


This is what happened to me. It was time to restore and rebuild on the quick.

Feel like you are passing gas too much?

Feel exhausted for no reason?


Time to rebuild and restore your gut health with this smoothie.


Every time I am feeling off, I keep it simple: smoothies, juices, and easy-to-digest soups.


The Healthy Digestion Smoothie




Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender (I use a Vitamix) and mix until completely blended.


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