Mango Peppermint Water


6-8 small leaves of fresh mint

½ mango, skin removed and cut into pieces

1-2 drops of peppermint essential oil

It is best to use a 32-ounce  glass container.  When you are using essential oils always keep in mind that citrus essential oils are a natural petrochemical detoxifier so you will want to avoid plastics when making your essential oil infused detox water.  You don’t want to add chemicals to your detox.  No way!  🙂  Add 32 ounces of water to this recipe


Remove the Mango skin, Get fresh mint leaves ready.  What I do is you need something for the essential oil to adhere to because oil and water don’t mix, right?  So you will add the 1 drop of Vitality Peppermint Essential oil to the peeled mango and add to 32 oz glass container.

Please remember these are therapeutic grade essential oils so 1 drop goes a long way.  Please only ingest essential oils that are labeled to do so.

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