If you are like many you may be experiencing occasional joint pain and are looking for a  natural joint pain relief.   A lot of over the counter medicines may be masking some issues with the joint pain.  It may be time to support your joints naturally and get down to the cause.

I’m sure after reading many of my blogs you know that I always think you need to look at what is causing the inflammation in your body to cause that joint discomfort.  I have already written a post with some great information.  Click Here

Let’s get down to business.  I have a few things I do for myself to support healthy joints. First, I have to share my homemade essential oil blend that is Fabulous for joint support.

Francine’s Healthy Joints Recipe

1    5ml roller ball always dark glass (if available a stainless steel roller       ball)

5   drops Frankincense 

5   drops Panaway

5   drops Copaiba

7   drops Wintergreen (this can be omitted if you don’t have it, it just        gives a little more support)

  • Add the essential oil drops to your roller ball.
  • Then after you have put the essential oils in the roller ball, you will fill the roller ball the rest of the way up with a carrier oil.
  • Push the carrier oil cap all the way down into the bottle to seal it closed.  Put on cap and shake..
  • This combination rocks, If you don’t have wintergreen it is just an added support.  The other 3 work amazingly well by themselves.

Now you have a blend that is already diluted and ready to go.  It is so much fun to make these.  The benefits are pretty awesome, too!

*To learn more about importance of carrier oils you can read my previous post HERE

Quality is very important when applying essential oils to the skin.

You can read more about quality here.

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