Yesterday I had a class where we spoke about all natural joint pain relief and focused on supporting healthy joints.

It is important when wanting to support healthy joints to look from the inside out and this is where my class was focused.  We want to stay above the wellness line.

A lot of Eastern medicine focuses on going to a practioner to stay healthy.  However, here in the US we have been conditioned to go to Dr. when we are feeling ill.

It is so important to keep your body running optimally to avoid unnecessary inflammation, stress, fatigue, and illness.  Let’s look at the possible causes that may be causing your joint pain and what you can do about it.

Joint Discomfort Possible Causes

I think we can all agree that inflammation is the leading cause when it comes to joint pain.  What causes the inflammation?

  • Food Sensitivies
  • Lack of Movement/Exercise
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Endrocine Imbalances

Let’s keep in mind that these are signs that your body is trying to tell you something is wrong.  You need to listen to your body.  It is not a normal thing to be walking around in pain/discomfort and unnecessary.

Food Sensitivies

Food Sensitivies can cause inflammation and discomfort throughout your body.  It is crazy to think that food can wreak havoc on your body but it does.

I probably don’t have to tell you that the leading foods wreaking havoc our wheat, dairy, corn, and soy.  However, like us there could be inflammation coming from other foods.

My daughter continued to have joint pain and nausea even after we figured out that she couldn’t have gluten, wheat, dairy, corn, and soy.

We didn’t know what to do and then our functional medicine Dr. recommended the Mediated Release Test this test was a life saver and helped our family figure out the  other foods causing infammation in our bodies.

The cause of the continunous nausea and joint pain for my daughter was lemon and the biggest culprit for me was pork.  (Yes, I love bacon! )

If I were you I would definitely contact the Mediated Release Testing company and find a nutritionist that offers this testing and see if this is an issue for you.


They say that walking is the best exercise for getting your body moving.  If you have a lot of joint issues you may want to try low impact resistence exercises.  Yoga is amazing but not everyone loves Yoga.

You can walk and then do some light weight training for resistence and strength training.   Our family joined Planet Fitness it is only 20 a month and it has everything we need to keep moving.

Another great exercise is rebounding to get the lymphatic system moving and get those toxins moved out of joint areas.  Yes, toxins, inflammation, viruses and bacteria love to hide in fat cells and joint areas.

Why is exercise important?  Strong muscles help to surround and protect joints.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Are you starting to see that our bodies need to be in balance.  Nutritional deficiencies are also very common today because our food is lacking the nutrients they once carried.  Here are a few of the most common nutritional deficiencies that could cause joint pain.

  • Omega 3 deficiency-  Our diets tend to be rich in Omega 6 and lack Omega 3’s.  You want to be ceratain the Omega 3’s you take are pure and not contaminated.   We use Krill Oil and we love that brand.  🙂  We alternate with Fish Oil and we love.
  • Magnesium deficiency- Magnesium deficiency can cause joint pain, muscle pain, cramping, restless legs.  There are different forms of Magnesium and this is the most useable form for our bodies without going right through us if you know what I mean (he,he)  Here is Magnesium we use  or we also use this brand when that one is not available.

Now this is just a couple of deficiencies that could be going on but this is a great place to start.

Endocrine Imbalances

Endocrine imbalances could be another cause for joint pain.  You should have your primary care physician check your thyroid levels annually during your physical.  When your bloodwork is ordered with your physical and coded properly it will be covered by insurance for your physical.  (This was part of Affordable Healthcare act) Bloodwork I recommend to test your thyroid would be:

  • Free T3- Your free t3 should be in the top 25 percent of range (according to patient experience)
  • Free T4 – Your free t4 should be in mid range withh the free t3 at top 25% of range (patient experience)
  • TSH- Measures Pituitary function
  • Reverse T3 (Reverse t3 if it is above 15 you are more than likely having pooling issues and will need to look at iron and adrenals
  • Full Iron Panel
  • Ferritin

Let me explain a few things when you get your labs checked or you tell Dr. you are tired and sore.  They will usually check your thyroid and tell you, you are fine.  However, they have usually only run your TSH and that is not a full picture of what is going on with your thyroid.  The above labs will give a bigger picture.  If you need some assistance once you get your labs you can Contact me and I will show you how to read your labs.

Supporting healthy joints

So like I said earlier it is about staying above the wellness line, right?  What do I mean by this?  You have to give your body the things it needs to keep it running optimally.  Think about your car if you didn’t put gas in your car you would eventually run out, right?  If you never serviced your vehicle or treated it poorly do you think it will run optimally?  Your car will eventually cost you a lot of money due to repairs and visiting service station often.

It is same with your body when you support your body with the nutrients it needs it will keep you healthier.

I have a fabulous essential oil blend recipe I created that supports healthy joints. Check it out HERE