Peppermint Essential Oil uses and benefits in the home


Therapeutic grade Peppermint Essential Oil

Therapeutic grade essential oil is amazing to support focus, healthy digestion, it is a favorite in our house.   When I go to gym to teach classes I put peppermint in the diffuser it is fabulous for a workout.   Some of my clientele add it to the bottom of their shoe before a run so when they are further along in their run the peppermint makes their feet feel invigorated, fresh, and tingly.  They love it.

I love to diffuse Peppermint essential oil when I am focusing on a project it relaxes me.  However, to some it gives energy.

Did you know Peppermint essential oil is fabulous to support healthy digestion?  It is amazing.  You can also cook with Peppermint essential oil with the new vitality line of essential oils  You only need a drop 1 drop goes a long way whether using topically, ingesting or aromatically.  Peppermint is such an invigorating essential oil.

Where is Peppermint’s origin?

  • North America
  • Mediterranean area
  • Great Britain

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Key Constituents




Mentyl Acetate



1.8-Cineole (Eucalyptol)


Resources to research

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