purification-essential-oil-blend-francine-brown-dot-comPurification Essential Oil Uses in home

Purification is another must have for our family.  If you fry foods like bacon, cook fish this is a must in your diffuser.  We just add a few drops of Purification Essential oil blend in our diffuser and it takes any sort of odor out of the air (we like to cook bacon, lol)  It is amazing and it works.

We also add a drop of Purification to our laundry (1 drop is all we need) we drop it in our laundry soap dispenser of our washer when we forget the laundry in the washer for too long.  It takes the odor out of clothes.

I also use when I get by ants I rub it on where I was bit it helps with the sting from the ant bite.

Our family also likes to diffuse Purification and Thieves when we have a lot of company in the house.





Melaleuca Alternifolia




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