The MODEL 101 air cleaners for mold


This smaller model is designed for use in small rooms or to be used over a longer period of time for treatment. It can be used as a whole house unit of 1600 sq. ft. or less. It is made of stainless steel/hospital grade (14″ x 15″ x 7″) and is designed for the eradication of viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, odors, pet dander, formaldehyde, as well as VOCs in small rooms, buildings, or homes.

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This model 101 is what we use in our home today.  After we found out that we had mold in our home we started with the 110 because we had to move out of our house due to the mold.  You can read our story here.  The model 101 will work on mold, mycotoxins, formaldehyde, pet dander, etc.  it works for an area under 1600 sq feet. If you have a volatile environment or multiple floors we may need to discuss further.  There are no other machines like the 101, the 120, and the 110 on the market.  It is amazing and these machines saved our belongings, our home, and our health.



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