Top 5 Essential Oils for a Wonderful Mind & Body

It’s no secret – I’m an essential oil fanatic and use oils in every aspect of my life, from cooking to cleaning to moisturizing. Of course, I do have my favorite go-to essential oils that I use the most for a rockin’ mind and body, and I thought it would be awesome to share them with you. Here’s how my favorite oils can help you live better.

  1. Lemon: Lemon essential oil is so stellar when it comes to everyday living. Lemon oil is known for its cleansing properties. You can use lemon oil to purify the air and surfaces of your home. Lemon oil in your water will afford you a refreshing beverage filled with health benefits – it will cleanse the body, aid digestion and boost your mood. If you have kids, lemon oil is a miracle. It will remove practically any junk including sticky tree sap, sticker residue and permanent marker and will also get gum out of hair when all other attempts fail – yay!


  1. Lavender: My next go-to oil is lavender. Lavender is wonderful because of its soothing properties. You’ve probably heard of giving a child a lavender bath before bed, and it truly works wonders! You can add a few drops of lavender oil to your child’s bath to help relax her for an easier nighttime ritual. You can also do this with your own bath and add in some Magnesium Flakes/Epsom salts for an ultra-soothing adult relaxation expertise. Lavender also eases muscle tension, so apply it to any area that can use some TLC. Another favorite use of lavender is dropping some in my laundry detergent for an extra aromatherapy boost.


  1. Peppermint: Especially during colder months, peppermint is a favorite of our family. For all of the times that myself, my husband or my littles cannot breathe, we dilute a drop of peppermint oil in fractionated coconut oil and swipe under the nose. Viola – breathing has never been so easy! Peppermint is also a favorite of women who experience digestive upset. All you need to do to calm a tummy ache is rub the oil over your belly or you can a drop of peppermint essential oil to some tea with honey.


  1. Frankincense: Sometimes my anxiety gets the best of my, and that’s when I take a bath filled with frankincense oils to calm my nerves. Frankincense is also great for women to slow aging skin. Combine this essential oil with a carrier oil and rub it on age spots and blemishes for rejuvenated skin.


  1. Young Living’s Thieves: This one is a mix of essential oils clove bud, wild orange, cinnamon, rosemary and eucalyptus from Young Living, which are the essential oils I use. I wanted to include it to show you how it can combat seasonal frustrations. Thieves supports a healthy immune system, so it works great when applied to the bottoms of our feet, diffused or applied to the backs of our necks we mix with coconut oil.


For more on how to use essential oils, visit my blog post Three Ways to Rock Your Health with Essential Oils.  Here is where I purchase my Therapeutic grade essential oils