Why did I choose CMN Hospital in Mexico for Alternative Cancer Treatment.

I was diagnosed in March of 2017 with a Her2+ grade 3 tumor in my left breast and they wanted me to begin treatment right away with chemo, surgery, and then chemo and radiation after surgery.  I was not ready to hear this let alone begin treatments.

The previous five years of my life were spent recovering and trying to rebuild my immune system after a medication error by a facility, mold poisoning, and formaldehyde poisoning.  The last thing I felt my immune system could handle was chemotherapy.  Imagine being overdosed and almost dying from the medical community. Then I am suppose to automatically trust what these medical professionals are telling me what would best for my body to beat this form of breast cancer.

I already had tons of fear just going to get bloodwork done after receiving the medication error.  I was very sensitive to many medications.  How would I know they would know what to do to help me? I was well aware of the Fear and PTSD I had due to this experience.  So I didn’t want to make any decisions based on fear.  I knew I had to research to find what would be best for me and my body.

I had done some research on Dendritic and Bone Marrow Stem Cell therapy and there were studies and clinical trials that have worked for patients with HER2+ breast cancer, like me.  I continued to do additional research and knew this is what I wanted to focus on for my healing journey.

After being diagnosed and knowing I needed to build my immune system the fear was beginning to leave because I had a plan.   That is when I found CMN Hospital in Mexico.  I called so many clinics in Mexico and other areas of the USA but there focus was so much on the patient and emotional healing.  I knew this was necessary in my journey.  They offered the Dendritic Cell therapy and the Bone Marrow Stem Cell therapy plus had an emotional support system in place for their patients.  I knew I needed this in order to begin to heal and continue to heal.

So let me start with my diagnosis.

Let me start by filling you in on when I was first diagnosed.In March of 2017 I was on a trip with my family in Dallas, TX.  The morning after we arrived in Dallas I awoke to my left breast being hard.  The only way I could compare this is when I was breast feeding my daughter 15 years ago.  If I was unable to breast feed her enough or pump my breast would get really hard and be painful.

I went right into my gynocologist when I returned home and she felt the lump, too.  She sent me right in for a diagnostic ultrasound and mammogram.  They knew right away it was breast cancer.  You can read more about it on my blog post about how this was missed for more than a year.

They moved me rather quickly through their processes and wanted me to have surgery, chemo and radiation.  This was just all too much and I was not just jumping into something without my own due diligence.  So lets start with what concerned me the most, my immune system.

Immune system

After I was overdosed with Benadryl, we then found out after replacing our windows in our home that I was being poisoned by mold in our home, and then found high levels of formaldehyde in our home.   So you can definitely say my immune system was severely compromised.  After the Benadryl overdose I was diagnosed with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) due to such a high chemical exposure.  You can read more about that in my post from Benadryl overdose post.

I was also very chemically sensitive and reacted frequently to medications, herbs, and supplements that they were trying to use to help boost my immune system.  The chemical sensitivities all worsened after mold exposure.  When meeting with the cancer specialists they too were concerned about my reactions and were a bit skeptical about how I would even react to the Benadryl that they use for reactions to the chemo drugs.  There are no known cases of anyone receiving the amount of Benadryl I received in an IV and surviving to tell about it.  So no one knows the long term ramifications I will have from this.  I felt good that they too were concerned.

I was very overwhelmed and wound up meeting with a Cancer coach that helped me sort some things out and she too was diagnosed with the same breast cancer only hers was at early stage 0 and I am Stage 3.  However, she shared with me about a Dr. from Penn State that is now at Moffitt Cancer Center that has studied dendritic cells for Her2+ breast cancer.  I was immediately connected with him through a wonderful surgeon I was already working with in my local area.

However, the only way that I could get accepted into the clinical trial was to first go through chemo and surgery.  They too expressed concern with chemical sensitivies,etc.

So I was still not convinced this was the way to go.  I continued the research on dendritic cells and looked up research on them and how this was already being done in other countries like Germany and Mexico for 15 years without chemo.

So, why is this still in clinical trials in the US?  I truly can’t answer this question. I want to hope they just want more data, but why not collect the data from these countries already doing it with success and move this along faster for those of us in the USA and other countries without this availability.

I knew I was moving in the right direction but I was still so filled with fear and distrust because of PTSD from the Benadryl overdose.


Let me tell you about the fear I felt.  I felt like if I did chemo I would die because my immune system would not be able to handle it.  I wasn’t totally crossing off of my list of options but I knew I had to make my decisions based on knowledge and based on what aligned with me.  What is good for one person isn’t always good for someone else.  This is what truly lacks in traditional medicine, in my opinion.

It was very hard for me to trust the medical community after I felt abandoned and hurt by them.  Don’t get me wrong the emergency medicine team that saved my life were amazing.  But, to find myself in a situation where I could be given drugs that could give me severe reactions made me very nervous.  It wasn’t the reaction it was how they would prepare for a reaction without being able to give me Benadryl.  That was one of the areas that still effected me with PTSD.

I continued the research and called multiple hospitals and made my decision that CMN Hospital would be the hospital I would choose for my initial treatment.  I felt it was really important to re-build my immune system with natural therapies.  I tended to react better to natural treatments vs. medicines.  CMN combined natural therapies with dendritic cell and bone marrow stem cell treatments.  All immune boosting therapies.  Let me tell you about the Dendritic and Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy.

Dendritric and Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy

Whether I was at the Moffitt Center or speaking to clinics in Mexico, Germany and US that specialize in more personalized and/or integrative care when approaching they all spoke of the same thing the immune system.

The immune system protects the body against illness and infection and for me this was already not working properly.  Bone marrow makes blood cells that help to fight infection.  This is important for surgery and and if I was still going to have to have chemo as the body needs to have ability to fight infection.  For me, I wanted to take as many steps as possible to increase my immune function. “Some cells of the immune system can recognize cancer cells as abnormal and kill them. These cells are known as dendritic cells.”{1}

Dendritic Cell Therapy

Dendritric cells have a unique function that help fight cancer.  They have the ability to induce a primary immune response in the inactive or resting naive T lymphocytes.  To do this the dendritic cells capture the antigens from invading bodies, which they process and then present on their cell surface along with the necessary accessory or co-stimulation molecules.

“Dendritic cells are the “general” of the immune system army.  They deliver the marching orders to the rest of the immune system agents which tell those agents what to attack.”{3}

Dendritic cell therapy is not a standalone treatment, but works better when synthesized with other treatments that fight cancer cells.  CMN hospital offers other therapies to include Bone Marrow Stem Cell therapy.

Bone Marrow Stem Cell therapy

“Bone Marrow is soft spongy tissue inside of your bones, it is where blood cells are manufactured.  The marrow contains cells that are referred to as hemaptopoieticc stem ccells, which have the ability to turn into any type of blood cell.  Sometimes, cancer prohibits these stem cells from developing normally. Meaning the blood cells the stem cells create are also abnormal.  In order to make new, helathy blood cells, a stem cell transplant must take place.  This proedure is the fourth most costly procedure in the US with costs coming in just below a heart transplant.  Again, only available in US with high dose chemotherapy.  I believe the costs for Bone Marrow stem cell transplant autogulous are around $250,000.00. Autogulous is when your own bone marrow stem cells are used.  That is procedure completed at CMN Hospital.

This is why I chose CMN Hospital for my Alternative Cancer Care.

I chose CMN hospital because of the treatments offered at their hospital, emotional wellness program, dendritic/bone marrow stem cell therapies, and their other immune boosting therapies.

First and foremost I liked the fact that they were a full service hospital and if reactions occured or some other type of issue arised during my treatments they were fully equipped to handle the situation.  This addressed my fear and I am not going to lie I was nervous about reactions at CMN, too.  But, I knew I just couldn’t just ignore this situation because of FEAR.  Fear and PTSD sucks.  I spoke with many patients that were currently at CMN and had completed treatment with them.  They all spoke of how wonderful the staff were and how safe they felt.  I knew this just felt right for me emotionally, too.

They have an emotional healing coach that is amazing and helped me tremdously with PTSD and the emotional and stress  link to breast cancer.  I will have posts about what I am doing to heal from the emotional baggage of PTSD and other traumas in my life at a later date.  But, this program was so helpful to me.

My overall experience was amazing.  Look for my next blog post where I documented my entire stay.

Please feel free to ask me any questions and share your experience with me in the commment section below.  I love to hear from my readers.



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